Amanda Vaux

My name is Amanda Vaux and I take the Pilates and Purestretch classes at the studio. I am a huge fan of Pilates and have firsthand experience of how much difference it can make to your life. During my teenage years I suffered from a very bad back. At the time the solution was to strap me up in a back brace, which I then wore for many years.

Then in the year 2000 to make things worse I was kicked in the pelvis by a horse. After many weeks of Physiotherapy putting things back where they should be it was recommended I should take up Pilates to train my muscles to keep my pelvis in the correct position. I have never looked back and only wish I had know about the benefits of Pilates all those years ago when I was an adolescent.

After making my living making hand sewn soft furnishings for over 33 years repetitive strain in my shoulder and hand got the better of me. It was time for a change of career.

What to do ? I decided the time was right to help other people discover the benefits of Pilates. It had been such a life improving thing for me I now wanted to help others realise the benefits they could gain from it.

I studied at The Studio at Bank House in Taunton and gained my Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork. I enjoyed the course and the teaching so much I decided to take my exam in Purestretch with them soon after and the two work so well together.

I made some very beautiful things as a seamstress but there is nothing that compares to the feeling I get when someone comes to me and says “I feel so much better“ or “my back is much better now” or even the simple “ I always sleep so well after doing your Pilates class”.

Where We Are

The PaF Studio is at Brook Farm in the middle of Long Sutton. A village in Somerset that sits between Langport and Somerton. We are easy to find (follow the signs for the campsite) and there is parking right outside the studio.

For your sat nav our postcode is TA10 9JW