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Pilates at Brook Farm

Long Sutton, Somerset

About The Pilates & Fitness Studio

Who We Are

The Pilates and Fitness Studio  at Brook Farm, Long Sutton, is small air-conditioned studio on the edge of the Somerset Levels that is surrounded by beautiful countryside, our working farm and  small campsite.

Our aim is to help ladies and gentlemen to improve their movement, strength, flexibility and posture in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You should leave your class free from tension and with a sense of achievement and a smile.

Due to Coronavirus Class sizes are a maximum of three which allows every client to receive the full attention needed to perform the Pilates exercises correctly and to put into practice the six Pilates Principles which you can read about lower down on this page.

If you are camping with us we can arrange a one to one or one to two session.

Pilates in Long Sutton

Pilates and Purestretch

We offer group classes or one to one/one to two sessions. Until further notice group classes will be run in blocks of four weeks.

If you would like to find out more or book a class please get in touch.

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The 6 Principles of Pilates


In Pilates lateral thoracic breathing is used. The lungs are filled with air while the abdominals are kept quiet and still. Synchronising breath and movement is a key part of the Pilates exercises.


This refers to the mind controlling the body, both small and large movements. Each exercise should be performed slowly, deliberately and carefully.


Is focusing on the deep muscles of the core or centre, these are between the bottom of your rib cage and the hip bones. Made up of the Transversus Abdominus, Multifidus, Pelvic Floor and the Internal Obliques. When these muscles are strong they protect your spine from injury and help maintain good posture.


Each exercise should flow into the next, with no beginning or end. They should never be jerky and all body parts should work together smoothly.


This is quiet simply giving every Pilates exercise your full concentration. Making sure every movement is correctly performed to create muscle memory.


Position, alignment, breathing and movement all need to be precise for each exercise to be successful. One movement performed perfectly is far better than several performed badly. With Pilates quality is far more important than quantity.

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